Review and Redesign | Frankestein

Book: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

It’s Friday the 13th! So it feels only right to share this cover redesign I’ve had sitting in my unpublished drafts for a couple of months.

The Book Review

This will be a highly unpopular opinion, but I did not like Frankenstein. I am glad I read it. Because it is a classic, because it is such a reference in pop culture, and because it IS a great work of art. I think it is one of the pitfalls of reading a classic in modern times. I couldn’t relate to Frankenstein’s character and his inability to do the right thing from the start, or for not seeing what was coming. The monster’s story was fascinating, and of course, at that first part of his narrative when he is still hopeful and craving love and company, I felt for him. His story was the best part of the book.


The Cover Redesign

Photo by Nazmi Zaim on Unsplash

Last time I redesigned a book cover it was another classic, Ursula LeGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness. I liked what I created for it, and decided to keep that theme going for one more, creating a mini library of modern recreations of classic sci fi and horror books. I feel like this cover of Frankenstein would sit nicely next to my LeGuin’s redesign. I kept it simple with a bold image, simple text, and almost monochromatic if it wasn’t for the red accent. In a printed cover, I’d make all red in it to have a spot UV coating, while the rest of the cover would have a soft touch or matte coating.