Review and Redesign | Attachments

Book: Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell

The Book Review

I think Rainbow Rowell is great, and I’ve loved every book of hers I read. BUT (there is always a “but” isn’t there?), Attachments has two issues…

  1. The obvious issue with this book is that it is about someone reading other person’s emails, falling in love with that person, and then continuing to read emails. I mean, I do still remember 1999 vividly, and I know internet was still at its infancy, but it’s hard to read this book today and not cringe a bit. Hard not to think of Lincoln as a bit of a creep. And it’'s funny that the author often acknowledges in the writing that what Lincoln is doing is wrong, but it still feels like his redemption happened too quickly. Which leads me to point 2:

  2. The ending felt a bit too quick and happily ever after—I think I needed a few more pages to believe it was real. Curiously, as I was re-reading this book, Rainbow Rowell posted to her Twitter account about how much she does not like writing endings. “I don't like writing the ends of books, and I avoid it as long as I can every single time. With Attachments, I started a whole new second plot and worked on that for a year, rather than wrap things up.” I get it, I am not a writer, but writing conclusions for school papers were always the hardest part for me.

But even though this book had those, Attachments is still full of wonderful moments.

  1. Beth and Jennifer’s friendship is beautiful. I want to be friends with them.

  2. The 90s references warmed my 90s teenage girl heart.

  3. The good old days of internet. Y2k. I guess you just had to have been there.

  4. Rainbow Rowell is an amazing storyteller and if this book is the worst of them all, it’s still a pretty damn good and funny read.

The Quote

The worst thing about the internet, as far as Greg’s bosses were concerned, was that it was now impossible to distinguish a roomful of people working diligently from a roomful of people taking the What-Kind-of-Dog-Am-I? online personality quiz
— Rainbow Rowell, "Attachments"

The Cover Redesign

DISCLAIMER: This cover redesign might need a disclaimer if this is the first thing you’ve come across here: the point of this exercise is for me to have fun, and re-design a book cover in 2 hours or less. In the case of this book, Attachments, I am in no way suggesting that this would be a good cover for this book, but I wanted to explore a different style.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, here’s why I redesigned Attachments like this.

  1. It's a joke.

  2. Thrillers with unreliable narrators are big right now, everyone wants to read/write the next “Girl on the Train” and/or “Gone Girl.” Considering this story has a major creep factor on the character of Lincoln—who is reading other girls emails and falling in love with them, and lightly stalking them—I thought it would be fun to play up that aspect, and turned this book into a thriller instead of chick-lit.

  3. It’s set in 1999, computers and technology play a major part, and we have the Y2K scare that the world would end thrown in the mix, I wanted to give this cover a post-apocalyptic vibe as well. As if the computers were all shutting off the moment the year ended. And Lincoln has read your emails. Run, girl.